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I recently had my first experience with having Barry represent me as my car buying broker. I did not know what this meant at first. I thought it meant that Barry would buy a car, mark it up and sell it to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to know that what Barry does is take away the unpleasant experience of dealing with pushy car salespeople at the car lot. He knows all of the gypsy tactics that the car sharks use to lure you into paying more money.

My Wife had a leased vehicle which we bought prior to her entering into a job which required her to drive a LOT. We surpassed the minimum miles the first year in our 3 year lease. Barry not only helped to structure several scenarios for us, but was the negotiator for us at the dealer. He found the right fit to make the deal happen, negotiated our deal, saved us at LEAST $8000 and created a plan for us in our future vehicle purchase. Barry charges a flat fee for this service and let me say that it was worth EVERY penny. I wish I had know him 20 years ago because I would be much further ahead with my vehicle purchases and would have avoided many days of unpleasantness dealing with the car sharks. If you have never used a car broker to negotiate for you before....CALL BARRY!! I will be using him for all of my future vehicle purchases!!

Warm Regards,

Steve A


I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “My daughter (at my recommendation) used Barry to help her purchase a new card. Barry found a terrific deal for her in a new sport Toyota Corolla S Plus. She got the color and features she wanted and at a price well below MSRP and the dealer sticker. She finance the purchase through Toyota and Barry recommended that she add GAP coverage to her insurance policy – good thing cause she was rear ended three weeks later and the car was totaled by the Insurance Company and she was able to get the same car without any out of pocket costs. BTW: Barry also recommend “Uninsured Motorist Protection” coverage and in this accident, the driver at fault who rear ended my daughters car did not have auto insurance! Want a get an excellent deal on an auto, contact Barry. He’ll save you money, energy & time.

Kurt G.

Dear Barry,

It has been a week since we acquired our new 2014 Prius, which has given me time to reflect back on the entire car buying process that my wife and I experienced. I have realized what an asset it was to have engaged your services (http://www.autobuyingmadeeasywa.com) during the scary process of buying a car.

We should have sold our old car several years ago, but, because my wife and I dreaded the hassle of negotiating with a car dealership so much we had procrastinated . You took away all of that fear and trepidation. And, you saved us over $2,000 in the process.

We are very grateful to have engaged Auto Buying Made Easy. And the key word is “easy.”

Because you already had negotiated the price and the financing of our new car, we felt no pressure as we walked through the car dealership’s front door and was met with our salesperson.

We took a test drive, picked out the color and the options we wanted to include on our new Prius. Then, after signing the paperwork, we drove off the car lot in record time – with huge smiles on our faces …. thanks to your excellent service!

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.


~ Paul

Thank you Barry for handling my sale of my car!

You took the stress out of the transaction for me, made it a safe transaction for me as a single female AND got me more money for the car than I had anticipated! Good Job! I highly recommend Barry for any car transactions needed for a busy professional trying to sell or buy a car! He can get the job done and has great customer service! And I heard about you through our wonderful Chamber of Commerce and the testimonial of another happy Chamber Member’s car sale you did just two weeks ago!

Thanks Again!

Sherry Brown, Gig Harbor Chamber Board Member, Business After Hours Chair

Barry Jaroslow was extremely helpful and professional in selling our 1999 Camry. Not only did the Camry sell at the upper end of the price range for its low mileage, but it sold to the first person to view the car, after less than two weeks. Barry takes care of all advertising, screens potential car buyers so that the seller is not continually showing to people who are only grazing. He discerns who is serious and who has the capacity (money) to pay the price. He puts qualified buyers together with ready sellers. He negotiated the sale, so that I did not have to do it; he suggested a price that was both fair to us, and which included his reasonable fee. At the time of the sale the buyer came with cash, which Barry and I carefully counted. All title documents were professionally handled. At the end of the transfer of title and the payment, he happily drove me to my home! Couldn’t be more pleased. I would engage Barry anytime that I want to buy or sell a car….

Ron T. Gig Harbor

Hi Barry

I am so glad that I learned about you and your services. The Honda CRV that you found for my granddaughter is great and made the surprise for her birthday just perfect. I have some wonderful pictures of Jasmyn when she first realized that this was her car. I will send copies to you when I figure out how to do it on the computer.

Thank you Barry, your knowledge and expertise contributed to this purchase being easy, a financial success, and comfortable for me. I will recommend you the next time someone I know is about to purchase a vehicle.

Wishing you well,

Jacqueline H

Gig Harbor, WA

Buying or selling a used car can be stressful – especially if you are a female. Barry of http://www.autobuyingmadeeasywa.com/ was a tremendous help to me, negotiating a better price and providing a safer environment for the exchange of documents and money. He definitely saved me money, both selling my old car and purchasing the new one. My Miata sold the same afternoon it was posted on Craig’s List for full asking price and I purchased a beautiful Mini Cooper the following day for significantly less than the Internet posted price. Barry was knowledgeable, professional, and patient. Auto Buying Made Easy definitely helped to take the stress out of car buying for me. Thanks Barry!
April 10, 2012

Cheri Calvert